• Museum and storytelling


    Lafontaine’s Living Museum

    Lafontaine’s museum brings to life the experiences of our ancestors so that new generations can explore them in meaningful ways. The living museum is a seven-day event that includes school group vistis, community events, and an exposition of artifacts from the community.


    The museum is the village of Lafontaine, and the village of Lafontaine is the museum. It’s living because it involves a sharing of the community’s collective memory from one generation to another.


    Lafontaine storytelling

    This is La Meute’s most recent project. Since 2012, local francophones have used this program to voice issues and share stories. During Festival’s du loup storytelling evening, people share anecdotes about colourful people and stories lodged in our collective memory. Many have also taken part in storytelling training, where they have gained valuable tools to develop their skills in this art form.

    EN | Festival du loup

    EN | Festival du loup