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    Fonds d’initiatives communautaires – Huronie (FIC)

    Le Fonds d’initiatives communautaires (FIC) is a pool of donations. Accrued interest is allocated to La Meute culturelle. Originally created by La Sève in collaboration with La Fondation franco-ontarienne, FIC gives Huronia’s francophone community a certain source of income, while supporting activities that enhance francophone life.


    Bourse commémorative Guy Desroches

    Using the funds from FIC, La Meute culturelle created La Bourse commémorative Guy Desroches. A member of École secondaire Le Caron’s 2011 graduating class, Guy passed away in September 2015, just before the start of the 2015-16 school year. Guy died of a cancerous tumour in his brain.

    This young man, known for his generous and « bon vivant » spirit, was a Festival du Loup volunteer. He also performed at the festival several times, notably with the group Jill et les Bûcherons. The board of La Meute created this bursary so that Guy is remembered and honoured for years to come.

    How to contribute to FIC

    • Donate
    • Donate through your testament
    • Name FIC as your life insurance beneficiary
    • Make a donation to celebrate and remember a friend or parent
    • Commit to monthly or annual gifts
    • Offer an interest free loan for a specified period

    Tax receipts are offered by la Fondation franco-ontarienne.

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    EN | Festival du loup