March 5, 2018



    A grant from the Trillium Foundation of Ontario (TFO) of the amount of $242 600 will allow the Festival du Loup to improve its programming


    Lafontaine – Thursday, La Meute culturelle de Lafontaine hosted its Annual General Meeting. Bululu Kabatakaka, member of the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s (OTF) Grant Review Team was present to congratulate the members of La Meute on the way in which they aim to improve their youth programming and better develop public awareness and participation.


    “La Meute’s reputation has already been well established. I am convinced that this grant will contribute towards efforts to enhance the life of youth through artistic and creative experiences, and help facilitate public awareness of the cultural francophone heritage” declared Bululu Kabatakaka, member of the OTF’s Grant Review Team.


    To accomplish its project, La Meute now benefits from the services of Nicole Lefaive, full time employee, and Joëlle Roy, who works part time. Both Nicole and Joëlle have a mandate to increase participation at the Festival and to improve upon the Festival experience, particularly for its youth clientele. Both women will promote the Festival at events in the region. In addition, purchasing new equipment will enhance the participatory aspect of the Festival.


    “It’s the second time that the Ontario Trillium Foundation recognizes and supports the efforts of La Meute. We are very grateful for this, and we are confident that the success of this initiative will make the wolf howl for many years to come!” affirmed Martin Lalonde, founding president of the Festival.


    La Meute culturelle de Lafontaine’s mandate is to transmit cultural traditions from one generation to another. We believe it is crucial to value our youth in order to ensure that our cultural community continues to thrive. Thus, the week prior to this year’s Festival du Loup, we will offer our first five day Artistic Camp for adolescents!


    The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an organization of the government of Ontario, and one of the most important granting foundations in Canada. With a budget of over 136 million dollars, the OTF grants funds to some 1 000 projects every year to foster healthy and vibrant communities in Ontario. www.otf.ca/en




    For additional information, please contact:

    Joëlle Roy, Director

    La Meute culturelle de Lafontaine


    705 543-1535

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    EN | Festival du loup